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Fourth of July

July 4th, 2022

As the years go by this day seems to become harder and harder to celebrate. Every year I reflect on what this country is becoming and what it means to my family. As a child of immigrants I’m so grateful for the privileges I’m afforded including my right to vote and have my voice heard without fear of retaliation by the government. But as I write this today I’m feeling less and less sure about this right and this is deeply saddening. 


Every day these rights are under attack. I can no longer take for granted that my vote will count, that I’ll be able to receive the reproductive care I need, and that I’ll have clean air to breathe. This last week has been terrifying for every underrepresented community and leaves us feeling that there’s not much to celebrate. 


Today I’m reflecting on the hope my family felt when they fled Iran because of the revolution and arrived in the United States. Today I’m holding on to that hope and channeling it into my run for office. If we want to stop the path we are on we need to elect leaders who reflect our communities and have our best interest in mind because it’s also in their interest. 


Today I’m feeling grateful that I’m able to run for office in the community that made me who I am. I’m even grateful that I spent this weekend doorbelling in the rain, with a good friend, meeting my potential constituents and learning about what they need. And despite the path we are going down, I’m grateful that my grandparents chose to take a chance and move their families to the United States all those years ago. So today I rest and celebrate the good, and tomorrow I get back to changing the bad. 


In solidarity,


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