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Accessibility Statement

Group of people with Darya's yard signs celebrating "Nothing About Us Without Us"

Lifting every voice means universal accessibility. Darya Farivar is passionate about ensuring that the democratic process is accessible. Everything from candidate information, caucusing, voting, and holding our elected officials accountable should be accessible to all constituents. This is a core pillar of this campaign. She is not just running to be a State Representative - she is seeking a change in culture and seeks to highlight and reduce the existing inequity in our political process. 


We have to build systems based on inclusion, accessibility, and equity from the start. It is impossible to achieve true equity when accessibility is a second thought.


Darya has committed to advocating for improved accessibility in the Washington State Legislature. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was often the case that people with direct lived experience could not travel to Olympia to tell their own stories in the Capitol. Advocates would need to find transportation, take time off work, arrange for caregiving, and address the sheer cost of travel on their own. During the pandemic, we have come a long way and have greatly increased access for many, but there is still much work to do. Advocates still need access to the internet and technology, need to know how to navigate bureaucracy, and condense their story into two minutes or less of testimony. Darya will advocate for increased constituent engagement, continue to improve the legislative process, advocate for increased transparency, and work to make sure every voice is heard in every part of the process.


The entire political process should be accessible, but not all campaigns plan with inclusion in mind. Not only has Darya advocated for accessibility, she has provided resources for others to learn and incorporate inclusive practices. Check out some helpful resources below!



If you notice that our campaign materials are not accessible, please contact us at and we will address the problem ASAP!

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