“My name is Darya Farivar. I’ve lived in the 46th district my whole life. I’m a child of immigrants and an experienced, fierce advocate for the rights of the underserved. As your State Representative, I’ll fight hard to make sure those who are underrepresented have a seat at the table.”

Darya Farivar

About Darya

  • Director of Public Policy, Disability Rights Washington

  • Co-Chair, Seattle Women's Commission

  • Policy Chair, State Special Education Advisory Council

  • Current Board Member, Peyvand (supporting Iranian students at the University of Washington)

Not all politicians run for the right reasons. Some go to Olympia to speak for themselves, while others go to provide a voice for only the most outspoken. Darya Farivar (she/they) does things a little differently. In Olympia, she’ll give the underserved a real seat at the table, while being a representative for all members of the 46th.

As the daughter of immigrants who fled Iran because of the Iranian Revolution, Darya grew up shaped by the immigrant experience. Her parents taught her the importance of participating in the democratic process, the value of fighting for what’s right, and how to use your vote and your voice for speaking up against injustice. She also understands the unique challenges and disadvantages faced by so many in our community.


Darya is a lifelong resident of the 46th. She went to View Ridge Elementary School, Eckstein Middle School, and Roosevelt High School. Immediately after graduating college, she came right back to the 46th, specifically Lake City, to serve her community by volunteering to coach Roosevelt Women’s Water Polo and serving on the Seattle Women’s Commission. She understands this community in a way many do not and cares deeply about the health and wellbeing of its residents.

Darya has spent her adult career working with vulnerable populations. She received a degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Redlands, working with children and adults with speech disabilities. After graduation, Darya worked as the Advocacy Program Coordinator for Open Doors for Multicultural Families. Here she showed immigrants and refugees with developmental disabilities and their families how to navigate the legislative process and use their voice to make change. 

Darya now serves as Director of Public Policy for Disability Rights Washington. There, she has developed a reputation as a champion for access and equity. Her focal areas have been the diversion of people with mental and behavioral health disabilities from our criminal legal system and institutions, into meaningful treatment and long-term housing. As our State Representative, Darya will continue to serve those who have not had their needs met and find ways to empower those who need it the most. She believes that public service is about more than being a voice for the vulnerable – it’s about lifting their voices.

Let’s elect a leader to champion our increasingly diverse district, has called the 46th home her whole life, and who has the experience to succeed in Olympia. We hope Darya can count on your vote.

Brindle puppy and Darya sit on stairs holding a Darya yard sign.

In her personal life, Darya was a 2020 Inductee of the Susan M. Daniels National Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame, and served as a Goalie Coach for Roosevelt High School Women's Water Polo.

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