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We've Joined the IBEW Family!

Contract Signed! IBEW Logo with a kitten in corner. Darya for House logo "Congratulations to the workers of the Darya Farivar campaign! Welcome to the IBEW family."

July 12th, 2022

We are so proud to announce that we have unionized! 


We are working to build a movement that lifts all voices and with an

industry-leading contract we are doing this right at home, within our very

own campaign. 


“Years of organizing with unions have shown me that we can move mountains.

I believe in this movement, and I believe that we are stronger together. I am

so excited to join the IBEW family and show what a campaign can achieve

when its workers are truly empowered.

-Sunshine Cheng, Campaign Manager  


“Today is a big day for us because this contract makes our campaign stronger.

This is what it means to lift every voice. My team is invested in this campaign

and it is an honor to invest in them in a meaningful and momentous way.

I hope that, together, we are able to set a precedent for campaigns in other legislative races.” 

-Darya Farivar, Candidate


Thank you, IBEW 89, for welcoming us to the union family.


In solidarity, 


Team Darya

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