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Darya Farivar Announces Campaign for State Representative, 46th LD (D)

Darya Farivar, an advocate for the marginalized who currently serves as Director of Public Policy for Disability Rights Washington, has announced her candidacy for State House of Representatives in the 46th Legislative District. Darya, a progressive Democrat, emphasizes her strong experience and passion in elevating the voices of the unheard.


“I’m running to tackle the many issues facing our district. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, especially those of us who were not on secure footing beforehand. I have seen firsthand through my work advocating for disability rights how the pandemic has worsened inequalities. As a Representative of the 46th, I will fight for the rights of everyone.”


Darya has spent her career working with vulnerable populations. She received a degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Redlands, working with children and adults with speech disabilities. After graduation, Darya worked as Advocacy Program Coordinator for Open Doors for Multicultural Families, assisting immigrants and refugees who have loved ones with developmental disabilities.  She currently serves as Director of Public Policy for Disability Rights Washington, where she has developed a reputation as a champion for access and equity. Her focus includes the diversion of people with mental and behavioral health disabilities from our criminal legal system and institutions, into meaningful treatment and long-term housing. She believes that public service is about more than being a voice for the vulnerable – it’s about lifting their voices.


Darya is running to address some of the key challenges facing our community: homelessness and policing. “There is a serious gap in services provided by local jurisdictions and the state. We need a wide range of behavioral health and housing resources to meet the various needs in our community.  We need well-trained, well-resourced, and well-supported professionals to tackle these issues, instead of treating the police as social service providers.”


As a woman of color, and the daughter of Iranian immigrants, Darya brings a unique perspective to the House. Her parents taught her the value of fighting for what is right and speaking up against injustice. She also understands the unique challenges and disadvantages faced by so many in our community. “The 46th LD is a diverse district, increasingly so, and I hope to recognize and represent that in my run. Darya added. “I’m running to do right by all of our incredible communities no matter their lived experience.”


Darya joins the race with a range of community endorsements, including State Senator Yasmine Trudeau (D) and State Representative Orwall (D). A full list is available at her campaign website,

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