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Darya Farivar, a woman with olive skin and short black curly hair wearing a blazer, smiles while standing in front of a colorful mural representing Lake City’s history.


Lifting Every Voice.

A campaign logo, in navy blue and golden yellow, reading "Darya Farivar for State Representative, Democrat, 46th Legislative District House, Postion 2". A golden paisley pattern appears to the left.
Darya stands with supporters, Rep. Tina Orwall and Joy Sebe.

Darya Farivar's whole life has been about lifting the voices of the unheard.

As the daughter of Iranian immigrants, Darya Farivar understands the incredible promise of America. She also understands that we only reach that promise when we treat our most vulnerable right.

Darya started her career working with children who have communication disorders. From there, she advocated for immigrant and refugee youth with developmental disabilities. As Director of Public Policy for Disability Rights Washington, Darya works on issues ranging from voting rights to mental health advocacy. She'll bring hands-on experience and passion to represent us.

The 46th is becoming increasingly diverse. We need an effective, experienced, collaborative leader who can advocate for all of our communities.

Let's elect Darya Farivar – a leader who lifts every voice!

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