9/11: May We Always Remember 

September 11th 2022

Today we mourn the lives lost and honor the incredible bravery displayed by first responders during a terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001. I was in first grade when 9/11 happened and was understandably very confused. By the time I woke up, school was canceled and the adults didn’t want me watching TV until they could figure out how to explain what happened. And, importantly, how my family would have to prepare my brother and I for what was to come.


Before 9/11 as one of the few kids of color in my school I had a hard time fitting in, and after, things became much harder. I went through grade school experiencing a tremendous amount of bullying and racism. And a broad question from many asking me to answer for “my people." This is why when devastating events happen, communities of color hold their breath and hope that it’s not someone who looks like them.


We always make people of color answer for the crimes of people who look like them. Be it on the playground, in the TSA security line, or somewhere else. This is wrong. Today I reflect on the horrible acts committed on 9/11, I have deep gratitude for all the brave people who helped those harmed and stopped more harm from happening, and I remember what my community went through and goes through everyday. May we always remember.


I’m proud to be Iranian American and proud to have the chance to serve both pieces of my identity through my pursuit for elected office. I’m proud that if elected, I’ll be the first Middle Eastern Woman elected to the Washington State legislature. I am most proud of all the incredible support from all of you. Thank you for standing with me in this pursuit for true representation.