Outgoing Candidates Support Darya

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August 31st, 2022


It's an honor to announce we have received the endorsements of Nancy, Melissa and Nina. I admire these women for the work they do and the campaigns they've run. When I set out to run for State Legislature I knew I wanted the core principle of my campaign to be "lifting every voice". To have the support of all three former candidates shows that this is a message that we can all get behind.


Dr. Connolly has been a primary care doctor for 20 years and is currently serving individuals experiencing homelessness. 


“I’m supporting Darya because of my deep concern for the health and well being of our community…the biggest threat facing us right now, impacting the health of our community, is declining safety and security, increased crime and homelessness. I believe that Darya understands the complicated connections between police and the criminal legal system, the homelessness, mental health and addiction crises. I believe she has the intellect and the idealism to take on these big issues and to be a fierce advocate for the difficult reforms we need to address these systems.” 

- Dr. Nancy Connolly


Melissa is a mom, small business owner, healthcare expert, and community leader. 


“I am endorsing Darya in this general election as the candidate best able to deliver on the issues I heard as most vital to our district – housing, affordability, homelessness, true public safety and fixing our tax system. Throughout the campaign, I have appreciated her thoughtfulness, insight, and integrity. I look forward to voting for her in November.” 

-Melissa Taylor


Nina is a strong advocate for youth gun violence prevention, stopping hate crimes, police accountability, labor rights, and helping small businesses. 


“We need experienced leaders steeped in community that know how to listen. Darya understands how to improve our failing behavioral health system, is willing to do the hard work to address gun violence, and understands that investing in and expanding our workforce is key. Vote Darya in November.” 

-Nina Martinez


I’m so appreciative of everything the candidates brought to this race and have learned so much from each of them. I look forward to working alongside them in Olympia to make this vision a reality. 


In gratitude,