Labor Day

Darya, Sunshine, and Emma canvassing during the primary election

September 5th 2022

On Labor Day, Americans all across the country celebrate by taking a day off to rest and spend time with their families. This weekend, I spent time relaxing with loved ones, and I hope that this was a time of rest and enjoyment for you as well. 


As we spend this long weekend rejuvenating, I want to take a moment to honor this holiday’s momentous roots. The establishment of rights such as a minimum wage, 40-hour work week, and a holiday that recognizes the achievements of American workers are all owed to the efforts of unions and labor activists. As members of IBEW Local 89, our campaign celebrates and honors the contributions of unions and the labor movement, and works to uplift the rights of every worker across the state. 

“As a union sibling, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work toward something so much greater than myself. I believe that we can create lasting change for Washington’s workers, and I am proud to have the IBEW family behind me in this work.” -Sunshine Cheng, Campaign Manager 


“I’m grateful for the representation and support afforded to me by being part of the IBEW family. Working in supportive conditions like these inspires me to envision a Washington State where workers lead and labor flourishes.” -Emma Huebler, Field Manager


Our work is far from done. Workers all across the board are overworked, underpaid, and denied the right to unionize and advocate for themselves. We stand with workers who are fighting to be paid a thriving wage, make it home safe to their families, and have their voices heard. Today, we stand with the continued efforts of legislative staff, and I am committed to supporting their fight to unionize in Olympia


Today, and every day, I am honored to stand in solidarity with the unions of Washington State. Together, we will continue to fight to make sure the voices of working class families are heard across the 46th and for all Washingtonians.


In solidarity,